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In the world of designer collaborations, few brands have achieved the scale and creative freedoms allotted to the partners that make up Moncler Genius. The project, which debuted in 2017, has seen Moncler serve as a template for some of the industry's biggest designers to refit in their own image.

Our voices are unique. They are the inimitable representations of what is true to each of us, and our purest form of self - expression. "Econyl is a fiber that's made from reclaimed fishing line in Scandinavia," Williams explains. The company says that the programme, which also involved a complete redesign of company structure, paid off; there was a spike in both online and store traffic, and sales in 2018 saw a 19 percent increase compared to the previous year.

Adding Moncler would help Kering keep pace with larger rival LVMH, which recently agreed to buy jeweler Tiffany Co. In 2018, having observed the growing demand for newness linked to digitally native consumers Moncler Jackets Outlet disengaging with traditional product delivery cadences and demanding more communication from brands, Ruffini launched the Moncler Genius project.

Getting closer. For me, it's a big open space to explore. Why risk potentially alienating core customers by handing over the keys According to Ruffini, "To continue to play a leading role in the industry today, means to be as flexible as possible while keeping a strong vision, as well as remaining faithful to the company's DNA. There is no reason to fight the change: change must be embraced and welcomed.