Overview of a honeymoon trip to the Seychelles

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Overview of a honeymoon trip to the Seychelles. I have long dreamed of visiting the Seychelles. I knew little about these islands, only that there was an

I have long dreamed of visiting the Seychelles. I knew little about these islands, only that there was an ocean and few people. And the last thing for me is a special factor, I like a quiet natural rest.

A few weeks before the trip, my future husband said that he had bought tickets to Cyprus. And just before leaving, I found out that he wanted to make a surprise. It turned out that we were flying to the Seychelles! From Moscow there is a direct eight-hour flight.

We stayed at the Club Med Hotel . Large room with bath, outdoor shower and private area with flowering trees and sun loungers where we often slept after dinner in the sun.

After busy days before the wedding, lying on an almost deserted beach was the best solution. I even accidentally soaked the e-book and could not read. But she was not upset, she looked at the ocean all day long. In the evenings we went for cameras, phones and a drone, because the sunsets in the Seychelles are indescribably beautiful.

One of the last days we broke our idleness by going to a wild beach. I wanted to swim naked, but there were such strong waves that we did not dare, but we found insanely beautiful shells. A cool feeling - as if you are alone on the island alone with the jungle.

The nature in the Seychelles is pleasant - there are no poisonous insects, huge spiders and everything else undesirable. As an anxious person, I liked it very much. True, they saw a small shark a couple of times, but they said that there were no attacks on the islands.

On the final day, we rode a glass-bottomed boat along the shore. We tried to snorkel along the reef, but it was a little scary to go into the depths, so we quickly turned around.

Then we went to the main island and decided to stay there for one more day.

There we settled in the best hotel I have ever been - Bliss Boutique Hotel Seychelles . Incredibly original room: wooden furniture, a concrete bath - you can lie down and look at the raging ocean, and a glass sink, which is installed on a huge coral. You can go to the beach right under the windows or sunbathe on a double canopy sun lounger on huge stones. It was, of course, the height of romance on a honeymoon trip! We only had one night in this room, which we regretted very much.