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These methods were closely monitored, well planned and nutritionally balanced. Some include herbal supplements or exercise, while others focus solely on the types of food you eat. The hepatic portal vein is a vessel that moves blood from the spleen and gastrointestinal tract to the liver. The touted benefits of liver cleansing products and supplements aren’t based on evidence or fact. Most liver cleansing products and supplements are available over the counter or even on the internet.

They commonly consist of a highly restrictive diet, with a possible array of supplements. The Master Cleanse, for example, prescribes 6–12 glasses of lemonade with maple syrup and cayenne pepper as your only sustenance. According to its creator, this program promotes “the elimination of every kind of disease” and is the most successful healing diet in the world. Despite unsound scientific basis, detoxification is popular, and detoxification products and regimes have become a profitable health trend. Suspicions of the inefficacy of purging became widespread by the 1830s.

It's important to begin with an understanding of what toxins actually are. No matter how "clean" you live your life, just about everybody shows some evidence of a buildup of toxins. When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted the Fourth National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals, they found some pretty shocking results. Inpatient treatment can be followed by residential treatment where the person lives in a community where they can receive more long-term care for their substance use disorder.