Roblox vs. Fortnite

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In summers, when the temperature is so high, we often avoid going outside and love to spend our leisure time playing indoors. So if you are searching for new ways to play games online without making many efforts and incurring cost then this article is for you that give you deep information

Let’s understand this concept Roblox vs Fortnite with the help of below mentioned points:

Platform: Roblox is the platform for enjoying your end number of funny, violent, puzzle, creativity games of your own choice and it can play on any of the device whereas Fortnite is not a platform for playing games, but it is itself a battle game.


Number of players:


 As Roblox is the platform for playing games, it obviously has a large number of players with no limit. Recently it has crossed 50 million active users in a day. In contrast, Fortnite is the single game that has less number of players approximately 100 players and it have 90 million in a month across the worldwide.


Skills difference:


On Roblox you can create your games that encourages imagination power, creativity among children on the other side, Fortnite allows you to play battle games so there is no chance for creativity and imagination skills.


Age difference:


 On Roblox every age group games are present, so it is suitable for all types of people whether they are adults, teenagers, kids, etc on the other hand, Fortnite is popular among the adults and teenagers.


Year of establishment and Development mode: Roblox exe was came into the existence in the year 2006 by Roblox corporation whereas Fortnite was founded in 2017 by Epic games. So Roblox is old and having a good name and market.




 If you are look to your child safety then Roblox is the best option for you because here you can set up your account privacy on the other hand, Fortnite is not safe for your child as it encourages violent games that creates aggression among the children. Roblox consider the quality and security of the children whereas Fortnite doesn't care about security.

Social development: Roblox is the vast platform that connects you to the lots of people in the world. Here you can make new friends, meet with the people that increases social skills as well whereas Fortnite is the narrow game that allows you to play the games with known person only that limits your social skills.


Famous games:

 Roblox offers you many games like among us, jailbreak, murder mystery, piggy, etc whereas on Fortnite you can play battle royale, save the world, and creative modes.



Roblox is designed by experts, it is a user friendly platform that you can use easily without knowing much thing about whereas for playing Fortnite you need some guidelines to play.


Communication skills:

 In Roblox where so many player are available so if you face any issue you can have the chat conversation option where you can clear your doubts easily but Fornite doesn’t provide you these types of features.


Graphics designs:

 If we talk about the graphics, images that are super realistic in Fortnite but in this case, Roblox upset you as it doesn't provide you with these features.



Fortnite encourages you to play the game and win it at any cost whereas Roblox main aim is to build the games.


Virtual currency:

 If you like to earn virtual currency for making your games then Roblox help you to do so wheras Fortnite doesn't have any option to earn virtual currency.


Final wordings:


Hope! You get an idea of Roblox vs. Fortnite through this article and help you to select between Roblox vs. Fortnite according to your priority, interest, convenience.


In the last, we can indeed that if you are looking for the new games research then you should go with the Roblox platform or if you want to have keen interest in battle then Fortnite is better for you.


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